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Forget Simple Posher and skip right to the good part.

Looking for the #1 Poshmark bot? SuperPosher redesigned selling on Poshmark from the ground up so you can make more sales in half the time.

Why are Poshmark sellers switching from Simple Posher to SuperPosher?

1. Automatically send offers to all likers, with zero effort.

SuperPosher goes through all of your listings and sends offers to all likers for you, every week. Simple Posher doesn’t offer this feature – use Simple Posher and you might be missing out on valuable sales!

2. Used to get alerted for Google reCaptcha? Not anymore.

SuperPosher is the only Poshmark bot that actually solves Google reCaptcha, and it does it right out of the box. This means SuperPosher never stops working for you, just as it should be. Simple Posher only alerts you when you get stopped by Google reCaptcha, and it stops working until you take action.

3. Get your listings shared up to 4,000 times a day, every day.

SuperPosher is more consistent than Simple Posher. SuperPosher works day and night, even when your computer and phone are off. This helps it regularly hit share targets, and you can check on its progress through SuperPosher’s simple dashboard.

“Simple Posher was never that simple. Looking back on my account now reminds me of my BlackBerry phone from years back compared to my new iPhone. SuperPosher is clean, it makes sense, and it works.”

– Mary Perez, CA
Poshmark closet being shared automatically by SuperPosher

Doesn’t Simple Posher also share and follow for me?

With Simple Posher, you have to keep your browser open. That’s because Simple Posher is a Chrome extension, like most Poshmark bots.

If your phone or laptop dies, maybe because you ran out of battery, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to remember to open your browser again, go to Poshmark, and tell Simple Posher to share for you again.

With SuperPosher, your entire closet is being shared and you’re gaining followers in the background every single day. It works even when all of your devices are turned off.

Poshmark closet being shared automatically by SuperPosher
A SuperPosher customer service conversation

But Simple Posher has great customer service...

We like to think the SuperPosher team is just a bit more responsive (and more helpful). We just have a larger team dedicated to support! We can answer nearly all inquiries within minutes throughout the day, every day.

You can reach us anytime through any of the contact methods here for any questions or issues you may have. You can also quickly chat with us over Facebook Messenger.

A SuperPosher customer service conversation
Transferring subscription from Simple Posher to SuperPosher

What about my current Simple Posher subscription?

Just like Simple Posher, SuperPosher has a 7 day no-risk free trial. If you’re already paying for Simple Posher, you can try out SuperPosher for a bit and see if you love it before deciding whether you want to cancel your Simple Posher subscription.

If you don’t like SuperPosher, you can always quickly cancel anytime without speaking to anyone even after your free trial.

Learn about our pricing here.

Transferring subscription from Simple Posher to SuperPosher

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