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Your own sales expert for Poshmark handling shares, follows, and offers. Works 24/7, no supervision necessary.

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Your unfair advantage on Poshmark

You need to share more than your competition. Cut through the noise and directly reach your buyers with SuperPosher.

Get up to 28,000 shares every week and 14,000 if you have less than 50 listings.

That’s thousands of views from your buyers, all without you lifting a finger. Plus, your listings are shared to Posh parties automatically and return every share you receive from other sellers. There’s zero downside, since share jail protection is built right in with intelligent variation in hourly schedule and speed.

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02Low operations overhead

Spend less than 15 minutes a day on Poshmark

Stop spending time and energy manually doing things on Poshmark or babysitting a poorly built Chrome extension. More than 95% of our customers spend less than 15 minutes a day on Poshmark after switching to SuperPosher.

SuperPosher is best-in-class infrastructure that runs your Poshmark account on autopilot 24/7 that you can check up on from your phone. It works even if your browser, your laptop, and your phone is turned off. Don’t worry about details that stop your account like CAPTCHA solving and share jail – they’re solved automatically for you and are included in your subscription.


Boost how efficient your self-shares are

Sharing to followers is the foundation of your sales efforts. Get more exposure by building your follower count on Poshmark.

Follow up to thousands of potential buyers and return every follow you receive. Just like shares, there’s zero downside since follow jail protection is built right in.

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Our product philosophy

We believe there is a better way to build a business on Poshmark

Hi, this is Albert. I’m the CEO of SuperPosher. We have a very different product than many you might be familiar with, and I wanted to take 1 minute to share some thoughts. I hope this helps you understand SuperPosher!

SuperPosher is a secure link for your Poshmark account. It does work on Poshmark for you, is smart about when to work to keep your account safe, solves CAPTCHAs for you as part of the service, and works 24/7 – even when you’re asleep and your browser, phone, and computer are turned off.

Today, most of our customers turn on the features they want and just forget about SuperPosher – only checking to see what happened during the day using our mobile app.

This is possible because SuperPosher has always been against manual optimization, special tricks, and babysitting. We think the product of the future isn’t one you carefully configure and monitor, it’s one that just works.

SuperPosher is a highly opinionated product. It’s for hard-working & busy resellers. It’s for people that are sick of Poshmark’s quirks. It’s for the ones that have always been convinced that there must be a better way to build a business on Poshmark.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to learn about your business, serve you, and help you win. Let’s do this.

- Albert


Tempt likers with offers on all of your items

Buyers are signaling to you that they’re interested in your items when they like them.

SuperPosher can regularly send out offers on all items to likers on your behalf, helping you clear inventory and create new interest in listings. Plus, control how profitable they are by letting us know how large discounts should be and your minimum take-home revenue target.

05Share order

Make sure your closet gets shared in the order you want, in a way that makes sense

SuperPosher is the only Poshmark bot with categories, a way to describe what order you want your listings to be shared in by giving you the power to group listings together. Listings in categories get shared together! For example, you can have a category for jeans, jackets, and jewelry – a category can contain anything you’d like.

With SuperPosher’s categories, you no longer have to reorganize every bit of your closet by resharing your entire closet by hand!

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06You’re in good hands

Best-in-class team building a best-in-class product

We know picking a service is starting a long-term business relationship, and SuperPosher is here for the long run.

We’re a seasoned team based in Silicon Valley that bets on technology and we’ve built the fastest growing service for Poshmark in less than a year. On average, we update the service at least 5 times a day to stay far ahead of the competition.

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