How much does it cost?

Membership costs $11 USD per week after your 7 day free trial. There’s no credit card required to try it out, so it’s completely risk-free! If you end up loving it and share it, you get a $30 USD discount per happy referral – this is how many customers are using SuperPosher entirely for free!

SuperPosher offers continuous, 24/7 hour sharing that intelligently rebalances how fast to share, follow, and offer based on signals from Poshmark to avoid detection. You can also return follows and shares from other sellers, follow a seller's followers, automate offers to likers based on the discount and minimum revenue target of your choice, and reorganize your closet by changing the share order.

Why is SuperPosher priced at $11 USD / week?

The right product for the job, for customers serious about building a business on Poshmark

Hi, this is Albert. I’m the CEO of SuperPosher. We have a very different product than many you might be familiar with, and I wanted to take 1 minute to share some thoughts. I hope this helps you understand SuperPosher!

SuperPosher is a secure link for your Poshmark account. It does work on Poshmark for you, is smart about when to work to keep your account safe, solves CAPTCHAs for you as part of the service, and works 24/7 – even when you’re asleep and your browser, phone, and computer are turned off.

This is very different than a Chrome Extension, because SuperPosher has unmatched reliability, consistency, and safety. This keeps a lot of operational burden off of your hands. More importantly, SuperPosher helps you get consistent results every single day by making it difficult for you to fail.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d love to learn about your business, serve you, and help you win. Let’s do this.

- Albert

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