Have you ever wondered why other sellers make more sales than the others? Or how are they able to make their listed items sell fast? We're here to help!

We all know that on Poshmark, the competition is tough as there are thousands and thousands of sellers competing in attracting potential buyers to their closet to make sales. It is definitely a challenge! Add the fact that if you're a new seller, chances are you don't have enough information to strategize your selling technique properly. You might be aware of the many seller tools and features that you can use on Poshmark to amplify your presence and success in encouraging potential buyers to your closet but do you know the workarounds to maximize their powers fully?

There are multiple options that sellers can utilize on the platform to help increase their chances of making a sale. This includes sharing to Posh Parties, which can help increase your followers, Closet Clear Out, where you can extremely drop your prices; offers to Likers, which is a private discount offer; shipping discounts that enable you and the buyer to save on the item transport, and the favorite of many sellers and buyers, the Poshmark Bundles.

There are thousands of Poshmark users around the app, and whether they are just new to the platform looking around to make their first purchase or experienced Poshers, these features and tools are really helpful to all the sellers and are readily available to everyone anytime.

But how can you push your sales further, you ask? Don't worry; we got you covered! We at SuperPosher have created these tips and tricks to cover the basics of how you can level up your game in creating posh bundle discounts that you can offer to your potential buyers to help you increase your earnings and grow your Poshmark virtual boutique.

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What is a Bundle on Poshmark?

Poshmark bundle is a special offer feature where sellers can group a number of items from their closets and ship them together at a discounted price. The use of this offer gives an advantage to both sellers and buyers as it makes things affordable not only in terms of the items' prices but also in terms of shipping fees.

Poshmark Bundles give an edge on the sellers' side because it offers them the opportunity to reach out and connect to their potential buyers and show them the curated group of items that they think fit the customer's interests. It also helps the sellers to encourage their potential buyers with their purchase decision by offering a seller discount. Additionally, bundles help move the inventory on the seller's closet much faster while being able to send their products at lower shipping costs.

For the buyers, on the other hand, they have an advantage in the sense of being able to save some money by availing the seller's bundle discount and at the same time have the benefit of getting multiple pieces without paying the item's individual full price. Furthermore, they can save on the shipping cost instead of spending money at the usual shipping flat rate.

Before the Poshmark bundles that many Poshers know nowadays, it used to be a pro-buyers feature only as buyers are free to select the items that they like from a seller's closet and get a default discount percentage set by the seller without the buyer-seller interaction. This default discount can be seen as a banner on the left top corner of the seller's closet, which buyers can easily find upon checking your closet.

At present, while Poshers are still able to do this, Poshmark has added a new Bundles feature wherein Poshmark sellers can now personally reach out to interact with their potential buyers via chat and send their curated collection of listings from their own closet or share a piece of item that can be added to the existing bundle. With the new chat feature, the buyer-seller relationship is made even better due to the open communication each party can take advantage of.

Why Bundle?

Our best advice to all Poshmark sellers is not to underestimate the power of Poshmark seller tools, especially the Posh Bundles feature. These options are in place because Poshmark wants sellers to succeed in what they do, and the tools are a great way to help them transform their goals into reality. But for someone to succeed in anything, keep in mind that you need to exert effort and work hard to figure out how you can achieve the goals that you have set.

On this platform, your goal of making many sales from your Poshmark account is within reach if you invest your energy in learning how to utilize the tools that can help you prosper your business. Sounds too hard to do and too time-consuming, right? But the truth is, the basics of creating Posh Bundles aren't that complicated, and we promise that it won't leave you drained. You can also utilize bots like SuperPosher in helping you achieve your goals without having to manage your Poshmark account 24/7, but more on that later.

So why bundle? Simple! Bundling items is very beneficial to your business because of the following reasons:

  • Buyers love discounts! You can offer them an exclusive discount through your curated bundles and not just the default seller discount in your closet. Exclusive discounts through Posh Bundles are a great help in influencing your buyer's final purchase decision.
  • Posh Bundles are social! Like social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and the likes, the activities of its users aren't limited to only sharing and following. With the added feature in Posh Bundles, you can now interact with your potential buyers by utilizing the chat option, and you can work together in finding the best combination of items that you can include in the bundle.
  • You can unleash the stylist inside you and make more sales! You can give styling advice to your potential buyers and send them bundled listings from your closet or share one of your items as a suggestion that qualifies their fashion taste and style.
  • Save on the shipping fees! Yes, that is correct. By doing the bundles, you can dodge the individual shipping cost of each item. Instead, you can save more bucks when you ship them all at once!
  • More sales mean your inventory will move fast! Because many Poshers love offered bundles, it is more likely that users will click that checkout button, and your items will sell fast.

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

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How to Bundle as a Seller

Now that we have listed the benefits of Posh Bundles, it is time to see step by step how you can do it. As mentioned above, sellers have two options in bundling. First, the default bundle discount, and second, the new feature which enables you as a seller to send bundles directly to the buyers. To start with this, set the Bundle Discount feature first. Note that for these two bundle methods, sellers are not required to set a shipping discount, unlike with Offers to Likers, but you have to set the percentage discount.

To activate the default bundle discount in your closet, you have to enable the "My Seller Discounts" tab on your account menu. To do this:

For desktop users (the Poshmark website):

  1. Click your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose "Account Settings" from the drop-down button.
  3. In the left column, click on "My Seller Discounts."

For Mobile applications users (iPhone or Android):

  1. Tap your account icon in the bottom navigation bar (@username).
  2. Scroll down a bit in the long options list.
  3. Tap on "My Seller Tools" towards the end of the list.
  4. . Select the top option, "My Seller Discounts."

Upon accessing the "My Seller Discounts" page, you will see many other options. You should see an on and off option for the Bundle Discount. Switch it to 'On' to enable this feature. Then, you will see the options for Bundle Percentage, which varies between 5% and 30%. Next, select the number of items that you want as your minimum for the discount to apply. You have an option of including two to seven items for the minimum number. Finally, don't forget to click 'Save.'

After setting the Bundle discount, you can now start to create bundles for a specific user. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to your potential customer's closet by clicking on the mini-profile picture with a shopping bag icon on top. This is the button that will direct you to the user's bundle page.
  2. The next screen will show the "My Bundle" page. This is where the bundles created for you by the user appear. But since you are not buying from them, tap the menu icon on the top right corner and select the "Switch to Sell View" option.
  3. On the "Sell View" page, you will see the items included in their bundle that either they curated themselves or the items that you have shared with them via the normal share function or via your "add to bundle" button. You will also see the comment section, "Likes from my closet," and "offer" sections. Based on the listings that they liked from your closet and the ones that you have shared with them, you can then create a bundle that you want to offer.
  4. To personalize your bundle offer, you can utilize the comment button and write a personal message.

Bundle Tips

Here are some tips that we know can supercharge your Posh Bundle journey. Practice them and give your Posh Bundles a higher chance of getting sold.

  • Factor in fees when thinking of your discount. Offering bundles to potential buyers should not jeopardize your profit. When creating a bundle, keep in mind that it is essential to factor in the fees before deciding on a percentage discount and know how much you're making by offering them. Poshmark has a very straightforward seller fee policy. While sellers are not charged with listing fees, you should consider their flat rate of $2.95 that applies to sales under $15 and the 20% they charge for sales above $15. Take note that it is essential that you cover these charges before you offer any discount so you would know how much you are going to earn after the sale.
  • Make sure to set a proper shipping label. Incurring unnecessary deductions from your earnings like label upgrade fee is a big disadvantage. When offering a bundle, ensure that you have indicated the proper weight for your items to get the appropriate shipping labels. Bundles weighing below 5 lbs. are charged with the flat rate of $7.45, and exceeding mass will cause you an overweight cost. To set the shipping label:
  1. On the app, click your @username to access your account tab, and on the website, click your profile picture.
  2. Click on "My Sales" and select the order that you want to set the label.
  3. Click "Need New Shipping Label."
  4. Click on the dropdown menu and select "Need Heavier Weight Label."
  • Personalize your bundles. Remember that you can be the stylist that you want to be. Besides the items that your potential buyer has liked from your closet, you can send them other items you think may suit them. Because the chat feature is already available, reach out to your potential buyer and send them a personalized message. It can be a marketing strategy where you can suggest helpful tips that go well with specific items or say kind words that can encourage them to take the bundle you offered. Adding a personal touch and going the extra mile with your customer service can go a long way!
  • Don't forget to keep sharing your items. On Poshmark, sharing may not be everything, but it is surely one of the keys. Sharing not only makes your listing visible to a bigger audience and increases your followers, but it also helps you attract the right customers to your closet. Sharing your items to as many Poshers as possible can land you to the people who share the same style and ultimately encourage them to buy. They might also like your listings, making it easier for you to create a bundle for them in the future.
  • Follow as many Poshers as you can. The Poshmark community is social and very helpful. Share their listings, and you will likely earn the favor back—the same thing with the following. More followers mean more chances of getting potential buyers where you can offer bundles.
  • Make your listings attractive. One important thing that influences a buyer's purchase decision is the appearance of the products. Make sure to use straightforward titles, high-quality photos, and detailed descriptions when you list your items. This way, you can increase the chances of selling your listings to your potential buyer when you offer them a bundle.
  • Use SuperPosher. Creating bundles is truly a laborious thing to do, especially if you are reaching out to many potential buyers. Even when you get the hang of how to create them, time is your enemy as we know it is impossible to stay all day long in front of your computer or gadget doing just a single thing. We know that Poshmark sellers have other important things to do in their everyday lives, and guarding their closets 24/7 is just impossible. This is why SuperPosher is here! It is created to work intelligently to autopilot your account even without your supervision.

SuperPosher is not only limited to following other poshers and sharing your listings more than 28,000 times weekly (if you have more than 50 listings), but it can also create bundles for you. If you like to try a best-in-class product that can help you grow and make your Poshmark journey successful, we have a no-risk, seven-day free trial. All you have to do is sign up here!

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

No credit card required