In Poshmark’s own 2020 annual report, they claim that 57% of shoppers under 24 discover new clothing purchases via influencers on social platforms. Instagram is becoming the number one channel for potential customers to discover your brand, and your Poshmark closet is no exception.

While making an Instagram profile is easy, it can be hard to use the platform to its fullest and really gain significant traction. Luckily, we have a few tips to maximize the traffic you can drive from people browsing on Instagram and turn them into customers for your Poshmark store.

Poshmark Instagram Tip 1 — Make an Instagram Account Just for Your Poshmark Closet

Trying to balance personal posts about your life with business posts about your Poshmark store can be hard to manage. On top of that, it just sends mixed signals to new followers who want to see your closet’s inventory, and might also annoy friends and family who follow you too.

Instagram lets you link up to five accounts with one login, so instead we recommend making a new profile just for your Poshmark closet and switching between the two (it's very easy!) You can also manage your preferences separately, so you can keep your posts private on your personal Instagram, while your business profile can (and should be!) public to browse.

This means that you can also focus on making your Instagram profile a hub for advertising and driving customers to your Poshmark closet. You can also dedicate your photo feed to posting pictures of your inventory, so scrolling through your profile becomes more of a catalogue to engage both new and old customers.

This might seem obvious to some, but not everyone is aware! Instagram allows for you to put one link to an external site in your profile, so you should definitely be linking to your Poshmark closet!

Here's how to add your Poshmark link to Instagram in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to your own profile
  2. Select "Edit Profile"
  3. In the "website" field, add a link to your Poshmark store (or website)
  4. Select "Done" to save your changes
This is what editing our own Instagram profile looks like.

Beyond just the simple link to your Poshmark storefront, many poshers choose to use a service like, TinyURL, or Rebrandly to create a custom shortlink to their Poshmark closet. Beyond a nice, sleek looking link, it also has another great added benefit — you can now also easily track clicks on the link in your instagram profile. This works because before the Instagram user is redirected to your page on Poshmark, they briefly go through the URL shortener’s website to be counted. This makes it much easier to actually measure what your Instagram traffic looks like!

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Poshmark Instagram Tip 3 — Advertise Your Poshmark Referral Code in Your Bio

As mentioned above, Instagram profile pages only allow you to put one link. However, your bio section can still have other text, which means you can put your referral code there for visitors to see. Also, make sure to explicitly call out that they can get $10 off by using the code. This is money that Poshmark provides to new customers to encourage them to keep using Poshmark. It doesn’t cost you anything to give out, but you have everything to gain by using it as a tool to convince potential buyers!

For example, Karissa (@itsheykrisgurl) does a great job of this in her bio.

Poshmark Instagram Tip 4 — Post New Arrivals To Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram First

A great way to engage with your audience and to give them a reason to follow you on Instagram (which they likely check more often than Poshmark itself) is that they get early access to your inventory.

Conveniently, if you planned on posting the item to Poshmark soon anyway, you can easily just re-use the photo for Instagram. For the photo’s caption, make sure to specifically call out that it is a new item to your Poshmark closet, and that you wanted to list it on Instagram first exclusively for your followers to get a sneak peak. You really want to drive home the point here, because as we mentioned, that’s one of the main incentives to follow your account.

Poshmark Instagram Tip 5 — Switch it up: Model Your Poshmark Outfits and Use Creative Scenes

Sometimes seeing the outfit lying out on a table works, but from our experience, Poshmark resellers have a lot more success by adding some vibrance and pizzazz to their pictures.

One great way to improve your closet photos is simply by modeling the item you plan to sell, along with well coordinated accessories. For example, if you want to sell some high waisted jeans, don’t just limit yourself to focusing on the jeans. Especially on Instagram, you will benefit by pairing the photo with a cute top, and explaining to your followers in the post’s caption what other clothing combos you think go well with the jeans you are trying to sell.

Cute outfit, Tomiko! We love your jeans! 💕

You can also spice up photos of the items lying flat by getting an elegant background. For example, you can buy glossy contact paper that looks like marble (our fav here.) We've also seen wonderful backgrounds with wooden patterns. Wood veneer is a great cheap option, and it is widely available.

Lots of Poshmark sellers also pair photos of their inventory with thematically relevant items. For example, if you plan on selling a pair of yoga pants on Poshmark, you can also include a yoga mat or a small weight in the photo. There are lots of ways to be creative here, so the sky's the limit!

Poshmark Instagram Tip 6 — Have a Mix of both Instagram Stories and Posts

While making Instagram posts are a great way to build up a catalogue and establish social proof that you are a “legit” seller, Instagram stories allow for a super interesting way to give a “behind the scenes” look at what you do.

While this might sound like a lot of work, it really isn’t! You actually do a ton of interesting stuff without realizing it; picking outfits, planning a photo shoot, and packing items are all things you do already when managing your Poshmark closet and fulfilling orders. Now just film it! Especially as you become more serious about reselling and you start stocking up on your inventory, you’ll find that many potential fans are fascinated just by the sheer number of clothes you’ve got lying around.

Going to your favorite thrift store? That can be a story. Going to a swap meet? Instagram story. Laying out all the outfits to take photos? You already know what to do.

You can go even further to maximize some of your favorite stories by saving some of them into a highlight that is then viewable on your profile. Our favorite is to make a highlight called “Behind the Scenes” to gather together all of the best snaps of what life is like as a posher. The feature works a lot like folders, so that you can group similar stories into the same highlight. Play around and be creative!

Note that while saving some content as a highlight, you shouldn’t save all of it. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. You don’t want your highlights to be so long that people can’t watch it all
  2. You want your highlights to truly be that — highlights. What does the best of your Poshmark closet look like?
  3. If people browsing Instagram can see all your stories on your profile, there’s no incentive to follow you for additional content

Poshmark Instagram Tip 7 — Plan your Hashtags to Seriously Increase Your Poshmark Sales

While your followers on Instagram will see your posts, you want to also use Instagram to grow your following, which means that you need users who don’t follow you to see your content. This is where hashtags come in.

What this means is that for every hashtag (for example, #poshmark) that you include, people will be able to see your post under that hashtag in Instagram’s Explore page. Some Instagram users also opt to follow hashtags and topics, as well as following other users, so these people might see your hashtagged posts in their feed as well.

Using hashtags on Instagram is something between a science and an art, and the best practices are constantly evolving. Right now (as of 2021,) Instagram allows for 30 hashtags per post, and putting the hashtags in the comments or the main post description should allegedly have the same impact. So for every post, that is an opportunity to expand your post’s reach to up to 30 additional hashtags.

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

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But how do you pick the best hashtags to use? Well that gets to be interesting. There are several tools out there on the market (SproutSocial, Kenshoo, that call themselves “instagram keyword planning tools” that can help with this process. Essentially they all work very similarly: you give them a general topic you want to target, and they’ll give you a list of potential hashtags to use.

Let’s go back to our example of high waisted denim jeans. I’ll start with my keyword search being general and just type “jeans,” which gives me a list of hashtags.

Here's an example of a hashtag search from

You might think that just picking the hashtag with the top number of posts is best, but that’s not always true. In this example, that’s likely not the case: #jeansmurah is a Malaysian jean store, so the followers of that hashtag may not be your target audience. We don’t want to just use all the hashtags, because remember, we can only do 30 per post.

Instead, I see some interesting hashtag suggestions here that I would not have thought of myself. Both “#jeans👖” (the pants emoji is part of the hashtag) and “#jeansandheels” seem to have a fairly high number of posts, and are pretty relevant to what I am trying to advertise about the item I hope to sell on Poshmark. In fact, the “#jeansandheels” hashtag gives me some inspiration for what to pair my jeans with in my photo of the item!

I can repeat this process with other high level terms (#fashion, #pants, #cute, #poshmark) as well, or even explore other users’ posts using the hashtags I just found, and see what other hashtags they used.

Another great way to look for potential hashtags is by exploring our list of popular brands on Poshmark. It might even help inform which brands to thrift for to later use for reselling and Instagram marketing.

While this sounds a bit labor intensive (and truth be told, it kinda is,) you shouldn’t need to do this every time you post. While all posts should have hashtags, you will find that you can reuse the same sets frequently. Just keep a note on your phone where you paste all of your frequently used hashtags, and come back to them later to copy and paste back into Instagram when you are ready to post again.

Poshmark Instagram Tip 8 — Comment on Potential Instagram Followers’ Posts (and DM them too!)

While planning your own hashtags, we suggested looking at posts that are highlighted for the hashtags you are doing research on. While you’re there, do one more thing — leave a comment!

The people who are already making posts on Instagram with hashtags like “#jeans👖” might be the perfect customer to become interested in the jeans I hope to later sell on Poshmark. So instead of waiting for this person to happen upon your content in their feed, you can like their post and leave a comment, both of which will actually send that user a notification.

At this point, a lot of poshers who are less familiar with Instagram make a tragic mistake — they turn into a salesperson.

Nobody likes it when you comment on their photo with something like “I’m selling pants, check out my Poshmark store, link in bio.” While Instagram is littered with this type of content, it’s incredibly low value, and simply is not effective. This doesn’t drive follows or purchases, it just feels like spam.

Instead, focus on the mindset of providing value to this person. It could be a very simple value-add, like making them feel good. “Hey, you look great in that blouse, I love the way you paired it with your belt!” Or perhaps you try to be helpful by saying something like “Love those shoes! I think they’d look great with these Madewell jeans I have, let me know if you want to see them!”

If you want, you can even take the conversation to their direct messages (DMs) and dive even deeper. I once had another posher direct message to let me know that they looked through a few of my posts, and they had an item that they felt matched perfectly with one of my favorite button ups that I clearly am wearing in several of my photos. I was stunned at how thoughtful that was, and I immediately checked out their Poshmark closet via the link in their bio.

Value add comments like this take a bit more time, but not that much. It only takes 3 seconds or so to skim the last 9 or so posts on a profile, and that’s often enough to see something worth making a comment or a direct message about.

Authors like Gary Vaynerchuk drive home the importance of commenting by coining phrases like the “18 cent method.” That is, you should be leaving your “2 cents” in the comments for various hashtags relevant to what your Poshmark store sells around nine times a day. (While nine is an arbitrary number Gary picked because that’s 3 rows of 3 photos, and you can choose to do less, we agree that making more meaningful comments can never hurt!)

Once you comment or message another Instagram user who you think can be a buyer, we’d also recommend you follow them! While this is just your business account and you may not actively scroll through all of your followers’ posts, people often will follow back if you interact with them and then follow them too. Even if your comment didn’t directly yield a sale, you can often boost your follower numbers, which then ultimately increase your reach and your chance of a future sale.

Let Us See Your Poshmark Instagram Accounts in Action!

Wow, those are a lot of tips! The team at SuperPosher loves seeing the Poshmark community on Instagram. If you have any questions for us, or tips you’d like to share on how you have grown your Instagram following for your Poshmark closet, feel free to reach out!

We’d also love to see some of the awesome content you make, so tag us on social media so we can check it out (we’re @SuperPosher on both Twitter and Instagram.) Happy poshing ~