Selling online has become popular in the past few years, and many people have learned how to shop on different virtual marketplaces. Not only does it provide comfort because shoppers don’t need to go to the stores and shop physically, but there are also many great discount offers and promotions from the sellers.

With millions and millions of people leaning toward online shopping nowadays, many sellers use a flea market app in selling. Many do this as their side hustles, and many have also turned it into their full-time jobs because earning through these platforms can sufficiently provide if you understand how they work completely. Whether you are the type of seller that sells your personal collection or reselling some brand new items, knowing what kind of item sells can provide you with a huge advantage and profits. But we know that not everyone is familiar with all the online marketplaces and their pros and cons. That is why we are here to help you compare two marketplaces which are Poshmark and Mercari.

While these two are similar in some ways, they both have unique differences that we will discuss further. But before we dive deep into the information, it is important to keep in mind that the goal of selling is generating more sales and, in turn, make money through it. So, sellers must know which platform suits them and where they can make more money with less effort.

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Customer Base

When selling online, it is essential that you know the customer base of each platform that you're using. The higher the customer base, the more chances of making sales and having increased profits. With so many online marketplaces nowadays, it can be not very clear which one to choose. There's eBay, Amazon, depop, Shopify, and even social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which now have a marketplace. But because there are also poshers who cross-list on Mercari as their other selling platform, let's compare the customer base of Poshmark and Mercari. These two may have similarities, but they have key differences wherein one is more advantageous to use than the other. Let's find out more.

Poshmark Customer Base

According to Poshmark's Social Commerce Report in 2020, the platform has reached 60 million users from across the United States and Canada. This combination of sellers and buyers is rapidly growing, and Poshmark's social network has been and will be expanding in the many more years to come as many consumers are using online peer-to-peer platforms. Many are coming to the platform to buy accessories, affordable clothing items, designer clothes, and other high-end or luxury items across Poshmark from many different merchant's closets. Poshmark is your best friend if you are going to sell clothing. This is where you can find many clothing items and accessories as it is a marketplace designed specifically for that category. Listing prohibited items such as electronics, wellness products, and other non-clothing items are taken down, and poshers who violate this can get suspended.

Mercari Customer Base

Mercari, which is a Japanese e-commerce company, started its operation in 2013. Like Poshmark, you can find many listings that are from the seller's collection or second-hand items and brand new products. In a report in 2019, Mercari is said to have approximately 17 million users. With a mixture of active sellers and buyers, the platform had come a long way from when it started. Like Poshmark, it also offers social chats between sellers and buyers. However, unlike Poshmark, highly-priced items such as luxury brands do not have a high chance of getting sold on this platform. Additionally, if you have other items to sell aside from clothes and accessories, you may post these items here as Mercari has many categories which cater to collectors of different things such as vintage collectibles, home equipment, toys, and many more.

The Fees

Each platform collects fees from its sellers. This is a way of how these marketplaces can maintain and sustain their operation and provide a better seller-buyer experience to their users. Understandably, using Poshmark and Mercari will incur certain fees as each and every marketplace out there does this. While some require payment to list, on Poshmark and Mercari, it is for free. Here are the differences in their fees:

Commission Fees

Poshmark Fees

For Poshmark, its commission fees are straightforward and simple. The platform ensures to cover the fees for you so that it won't be confusing for sellers. This covers the shipping label, credit card processing fee, customer support and Posh Protect buyer protection, and sales tax. There are two types of charges that a seller can expect when selling on Poshmark.

  • First is the default $2.95 fee. This is considered a low commission fee as this flat rate applies to listings sold below $15. This makes it easier for sellers to factor in the commission to their pricing and makes it convenient to know how much profit they will have when buyers make purchases from their listings.
  • For listings that are priced at $15 and above, Poshmark deducts a 20% commission. Some might say that this is a bit higher compared to other platform commissions, but it is a decent percentage considering the coverage of this flat rate. Poshmark only gets 20% of the listing price regardless of how much you sold the item for as long as it is above the said price. Sellers should properly factor in the discounts and shipping costs to properly gain the earnings from an item.
  • Your earnings on Poshmark are directly credited to your linked account once your item is delivered and received by the buyer. You can either spend it on Poshmark or transfer it to your bank account without any additional charges.

Mercari Fees

While Mercari offers a lower commission fee of 10% on each item that completes a sale, the commissions and other fees on this platform can be confusing for sellers. Here is the list of what you should expect to be charged when you sold an item on the platform:

  • Payment Processing Fee: On top of the 10% commission on each item sold, Mercari charges 2.9% + $0.30 per sale based on the completed sale price of the item.
  • Payment Transfer - To get your earnings, you can opt for a direct bank deposit or use InstantPay. Each transaction is charged with a $2 fee for each direct deposit under $10 and a flat rate of $2 if you're using InstantPay.
  • The Extra $2 - This fee is charged to the seller if your bank rejected and returned your deposit to your Mercari balance.

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

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Shipping Fees

Poshmark Shipping Fee

Poshmark’s shipping fee can be daunting at first. You might think that it is a bit pricey compared to its competitor platforms, but this totally makes sense when it comes to the weight, discount offers, and shipping labels. For any orders under 5 lbs, Poshmark shipping cost is at a flat rate of $7.45 and is shipped using USPS priority mail. This fee is shouldered by the buyer if there is no shipping discount offer from the seller. Now, 5 lbs is a lot! Poshers have a way around incurring high shipping fees. Buyers who wish to buy in bundles can save money with this flat rate instead of paying for each shipping cost individually.

But wait, there’s more! In Poshmark, sellers can offer discounts wherein they can include less shipping or even free shipping offers. Seller tools such as Offers to Likers, Posh Bundles, and Exclusive Discounts give an advantage to both the seller and the buyer not only with listing prices but also with shipping costs.

Mercari Shipping Fee

Mercari has different pricing when it comes to its shipping fee compared to Poshmark. Their old shipping cost used to be cheaper, but with their new rates, they charge a 0.25 lbs package with $3.49, and any additional weight will incur higher charges. If on Poshmark, most parcels are shipped via USPS, on Mercari, they have partnered with other shipping services such as FedEx and UPS.

Seller's Protection

Poshmark Seller Protection

On Poshmark, sellers are protected for as long as they use the Poshmark-provided label that is sent and scanned into the USPS tracking system. If by any chance, the package is lost during shipping, sellers are fully covered by the platform. For additional security, packages sent out worth more than $400 require the signature of the recipient upon delivery.

Mercari Seller Protection

On Mercari, they offer seller protection to packages that are sent using the Mercari prepaid shipping label or if it is delivered using Mercari Now. Unfortunately, seller protection does not offer full coverage. They cover as much as $200, but that will depend on the computation of your item's price minus some fees such as processing and selling fees.

Audience Reach

Poshmark's audience reach has been made easy by the sharing and following features of the platform. Because it offers unlimited sharing of your listings, many potential buyers see your items. The same goes for the following. Poshmark is a social network, and many sellers and buyers alike follow each other and return the favor of sharing each other's listings hence creating a wider audience reach.

Additionally, you can join and host virtual parties and events which can gain you many followers and likes. Sellers and buyers get the chance to like and leave comments on listings, too. Lastly, considering the number of its users, selling on Poshmark gives you the chance to expose your items to approximately 60 million people.

On the other hand, Mercari's audience reach is approximately 17 million users. Unfortunately, there is not much social interaction across the platform aside from the private chat option that sellers and buyers can use to negotiate about item prices, shipping costs, and offers. Boosting your listing on Mercari is a bit tricky. To boost your items and make them move up in searches, Mercari has a 'Promote' button to bring up your item in the searches. However, your listing price will drop by 5%.

Effort as a Seller

Listing on both platforms is just easy. You take the make an attractive product title, upload nice item photos, indicate a detailed description, and you're good to go. Your items are listed. However, the real question is which one is easier to manage and how to boost your sales? While Poshmark has a lot of seller tools and features, Mercari only has limited options. Let's be real here; more eyeballs to your items mean more exposure, which equals a high chance of making a sale.

On Mercari, sellers can share, promote, and relist their listings to increase their visibility. They can also interact with buyers via the private chat function. It looks pretty simple, but doing so can be time-consuming, especially if you have many items and manually do it. On the other hand, Poshmark sellers can do self-share, community share (which usually earns a share back), follow and follow backs, relist, send offers to likers, private offers, and posh bundles.

The good thing is, there are Poshmark bots that can help sellers do the tasks without lifting a finger. This is where SuperPosher can make things easy for you. This bot is intelligently designed to help you do many tasks on the platform without having you stick around 24/7. If you want to try this top-rated bot, we offer a 7-day free trial with a responsive support team ready to help. All you have to do is register here.

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

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