The key to growing your Poshmark sales is sharing (we've said it before, but we'll say it again!) And if you are a seasoned Poshmark seller, you know that sharing (plus following, sending offers, and everything else) takes a ton of time.

It's only natural that after spending hours and hours sharing your closet, you have to wonder — do I have to spend so much time on this?

Well, if you are an active member of the Poshmark community (especially on Instagram), you are bound to have heard lots of Poshers talk about using virtual assistants to help them share their closet. But what exactly does that mean?

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What are virtual assistants?

Simply put, virtual assistants (also known as VA's) are people who provide support services to a business from a remote location. In the context of Poshmark, a virtual assistant doesn't just do generic work — they are helping you share your closet!

Now that everyone is familiar with doing work via email, video calls, messaging apps, and cloud tools like Google Docs, having an assistant is no longer a location-limited job. So, like many things in life, assistants also now have an online, virtual option too.

Despite the word "virtual" in the name, when people talk about virtual assistants, they are still referring to a person. Virtual doesn't imply that they are a robot or an AI, it just means that this person will always be remote, so their tasks are limited to virtual tools and virtual communication.

Luckily for us, some of the most repetitive and time consuming parts of being a Poshmark seller are all done virtually, making this the perfect task for a VA.

How much do Poshmark virtual assistants cost?

But wait, isn't hiring someone expensive? Well, it depends. The cost will vary depending on where you source your Poshmark virtual assist, their skill level, and the cost of living for where the VA actually is located.

If you are looking for the absolute cheapest options, there exist untrained, "generalist" virtual assistants that work in countries with a very low cost of living. They VAs may charge prices like $1/hr, and the expectations may be that you only hire them to do work a few hours a week.

If you only want to spend a small amount of money, there are also some services that offer a single day of a very limited number of shares for about $5. This might be an option for people who want help periodically.

However, for trained, dedicated virtual assistants, you should be expecting to pay upwards of $100 per month.

When looking at these prices, it might feel hard to understand how to directly compare the value of investing in one option over another. Here's how we normalize prices to better compare options:

Price Per Action

Most Poshmark virtual assistant products talk about the number of actions (such as shares or follows) that they will do doing over a certain amount of time (such as per day, per week, etc).

For example, Virtual Assistant service ResellerAssistant charges $119.99 for 30 days of 3,000 "clicks" a day, where clicks can be shares or follows. This means that each share or follow will cost you about $0.00133 each.

In contrast, on Fiverr we found a virtual assistant charging $10 for 12k combined shares and follows per 7 days, which is a unit price of $0.00083 per action. This makes ResellerAssistant 1.6x more expensive — but does that make it worth it?

Risks and Security

When using any kind of third party to help with your Poshmark closet, there are some risks you need to consider.

One risk, which we've written about before, is having your closet put in share jail. In short, if you share too frequently, or have sharing patterns that Poshmark would consider strange, you risk your account being temporarily or permanently blocked.

Another risk is that, in order to manage your store, you have to give your password to whoever is helping you so they can access your closet on your behalf. Some services do this in a very secure way — you enter your information into a form on your computer that sends an encrypted version of your password over to a server for them to use. Others services don't have these practices — they might instead ask for your password in plain text over an email, and then share that email and password around to multiple people depending who is "on shift" to share.

Generally the takeaway here is that you need to trust the service that you are using. Having someone who seems sketchy might not be worth the low price, but that also doesn't mean good, reliable service has to break the bank.

As we'll get to in a bit more detail below, if you want a lot of the benefits of having a virtual assistant, but at an affordable cost, you can also look into products like SuperPosher to help you out. Using our automated tools backed by a US-based support team, we can offer efficient and top quality service for as low as $40 per month with 4,000 shares per day.

Where do I find a virtual assistant for Poshmark?

There's a lot of different places that you can look when you want to hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants on Gig Work Services

Many popular services like Fiverr or Upwork, where people can list almost any service, have many listings for virtual assistants. In fact, both platforms even have several assistants listed specifically looking for Poshmark related work.

Here's an example listing on Upwork, where Tammie is offering her Poshmark sharing skills.
Similarly, on Fiverr, many listings are tailored for Poshmark assistance.

While larger gig-worker platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr might feel more reputable due to their rating system that helps separate good from bad sellers, it is worth noting that it isn't that difficult to make fake reviews. Even on huge websites like Amazon, tools like FakeSpot and ReviewMeta have popped up to analyze what percent of reviews on any given listing are fake. Often thousands of fake reviews are left on products, making something appear to be a great product when it really is not.

For example, this seller we found on Fiverr has 1,755 reviews with an overall 5 stars, yet has simple words like "followers" misspelled throughout their listing. They also have ambiguous wording such as "up to 12,000 shares," which leaves them plenty of room to not deliver on their full promise. Listings like these seem fishy, and it's usually because they are. If your gut tells you something is off, we wouldn't recommend trying it.

Ultimately some Poshmark sellers overlook risks because of the $5/day price tag. As we mentioned before, price shouldn't be measured per day, it should be measured based on results. Once you calculate how much you are being charged per share or follow, you will realize while $5 per day sounds cheap, it's often very expensive per action, and still ends up totaling $150/month. If you want a substantial amount of assistance with your closet and you try getting it from these platforms, you are likely to want more than just a few days of service, and you will start spending hundreds of dollars very quickly.

After carefully reviewing the profiles on Fiverr and Upwork, we think these options might be good for someone who mostly wants to do their own closet management and sharing, but is looking to take an occasional day off with a little extra help. If you want to use them long term, they can get expensive quickly, but if you spend the time to find an assistant with really positive, real reviews, they are likely a safe option.

Poshmark Virtual Assistant Specific Platforms

Other services, such as Reseller Assistant, claim to have a team of virtual assistants who are solely focused on Poshmark that will assist you in managing your closet. However, their pricing is quite high — expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $800 using a service like this. And if you don't like a base package, you have to buy even more add-ons. Dedicated middle-man Poshmark virtual assistant services like this are easily the most expensive of all of your virtual assistant options, and we don't recommend going this route if you are price conscious.

One thing we often hear Poshmark sellers say about some of the higher priced virtual assistant services is that they prefer knowing that a human is handling their closet. However, this isn't always true. For example, there have been discussions on Reddit where it has been revealed that "real" virtual assistants have shut down due to a software company that makes Poshmark bots revoking their license. This demonstrates that while someone might claim that they use real people, that isn't always the case. If you think about the prices, this starts to make more sense — even $100 per month ends up being a few dollars an hour for whoever is actually doing the work. This means that the workers are likely using software (that many people refer to as "bots") to speed up their work, or this is a team of outsourced, overseas workers who will work for very little and have been trained by the virtual assistant provider you are using.

As we talk about more below, since many virtual assistants actually just use software on behalf of their customers (aka, you), it is probably just worth it to use similar software yourself and save the extra money.

Overseas and Foreign Virtual Assistants

Some Poshmark sellers opt for less well known services that outsource virtual assistance to other countries, like who focuses on outsourcing to India, or who offers only assistants from the Philippines. While communication and quality might drop compared to options like Fiverr, as we mentioned above, the price will usually also drop by a lot. For example, many of the listings on are as low as $1 per hour, making this a popular choice amongst some sellers looking for assistance at the lowest possible price.

That said, beyond the typical challenges of having a cross-continental team, you may also run into Poshmark specific difficulties. Poshmark doesn't operate in all countries, so you might need to help your virtual assistant get set with a VPN or a proxy. While this doesn't always happen, it's constantly subject to change as Poshmark changes their security practices.

Virtual assistants at this price point may also not be skilled at Poshmark. While the cost per hour of work is low, you may need to help train these types of assistants, which in itself will make the amount of shares and follows per hour decrease, at least until they gain enough experience. Going this route means you are okay with trading the lower price with the extra time and energy to help coach someone overseas on what tasks you need them to do.

We suggest that if you want an international virtual assistant, you put plenty of thought into your plan before making the decision. As we mentioned above, deciding if a service is right for you is a combination of picking the best unit price (per share or follow) and the amount of risk you are willing to accept.

Poshmark Virtual Assistant Reviews

Some Poshmark sellers we meet don't care as much about the price — they just want to know which virtual assistant service is the best. Well, it's not quite that straightforward.

Any individual virtual assistant can only take on so much work. Even if being an assistant is their full time career, they can only work part time for so many clients at once. That means that while some Poshmark sellers we know love their assistants to death, that's already their assistant. That person likely doesn't have the bandwidth to be your assistant as well, so you'll have to try someone new.

What that ends up meaning that it is very hard to give consistent reviews. The only way to fairly review virtual assistants is if enough people have the same assistant. This is the value of platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, where each Poshmark virtual assistant has customer reviews listed, just like Amazon of Yelp would.

As we mentioned before, Fiverr and Upwork can be safer choices for getting a Poshmark virtual assistant if you careful look through reviews, but they are also on the more expensive side. Many workers on these platforms also only want short gigs, such as just sharing on your behalf for a limited number of times for a single a day as opposed to having long term clients. This doesn't make their service better or worse, but it does mean that if they are good, they probably have less time to dedicate to helping you.

While it's not the answer people might be hoping for, the reality is that virtual assistants are just people, and there is a lot of variability.

What are better alternatives to Poshmark virtual assistants?

Because virtual assistants can be quite pricey and have mixed results, many people turn to high quality software services like SuperPosher.

SuperPosher is the best of both worlds — we have a customizable tool that will automatically share your posts for you (even with your computer off), as well as a top-notch support team who is happy to help you when you need it!

By having our team focus on constantly improving tools and dashboards for our customers, and supporting them when they need it, we are more consistent and effect than virtual assistants, while starting at a much lower of $40 per month.

If you are hesitant about using automation in your Poshmark workflow to help you save time instead of using a virtual assistant, then just try our free trial! There's no risk, and you can cancel any time if you decide a virtual assistant is a better route for you.

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

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