When selling on a big platform like Poshmark, it is expected that you'll experience a bit of a struggle to make it on top of the game when you have a lot of competitions around you, especially when you're a beginner! But that's just how healthy business works; more competitions mean more chances of how you can strategize your selling style by being able to see how your competitors work. It gives you an edge in providing better customer service, products, and prices to your potential buyers.

Aside from catchy listing titles, impressive product photos, and comprehensive product descriptions, there are other things that you need to do to be able to succeed in selling on Poshmark. We at SuperPosher want nothing but to make your Poshmark journey as successful as possible, whether you're doing it as a full-time job or just a side hustle so, aside from helping you manage your closet, we have compiled the best tips and tricks that you can practice to achieve more sales using the platform and potentially earn a full-time income.

1. Follow a Theme

Following a theme exudes consistency. It makes it easier for other Poshmark users, likers, and followers to know what types of products you have in your Poshmark closet. A great example of this is when you join a posh party. The themes set on each party are specific, so Poshers will get a chance to see all the listings concerning a specific style. The same goes for your closet. If you are to sell clothing, it is crucial to stick to it and not mix it with unrelated items, so it won’t make your closet look disorganized. Following a theme can also ensure that all your listings are easier to see than having a mix of everything. You would like to avoid appearing as a store with a cluttered combination of items in it. Aside from being a big turn-off to potential buyers, it becomes too challenging to navigate different items if you don’t have proper organization. If you want to attract attention to your listings, sticking to a theme is one great way to earn more followers, which can then convert into sales.

  • Bundle discounts within the same closet - If you want to make more sales, it is essential that you offer a bundle discount within the same closet. Remember that the goal is to push the buyer to take the offer and make the purchase. You should avoid making them do a lot of work navigating through different closets with different assortments of items. It would be best if you curated a bundle that goes well together without straying away from the theme and sticking to only one closet.

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2. Sell Top Brands

Knowing the trends and what’s in demand makes a huge difference in selling. Another way of increasing your sales is knowing what brands sell the most. Before you list items on the platform, it is essential that you do your research and get yourself familiar with top-selling brands. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of how people shop in Poshmark, what they prefer, and see the prices range of these brands to have a better grasp of what you can expect once your listings go live. One beneficial thing to do is to check the Poshmark Trend Report. It is a blog post that you can find in Poshmark blogs that tell you precisely what sells the best on a specific season, the trending brands for men and women like Lululemon, Nike, Free People, and many others. It also shows the trending categories, keywords, and terms that the Poshers are actively typing in search engines which you can include in your list title or product description. It will help you strategize better and decide what products you should list in your closet. You can also read what the top brands to sell here on SuperPosher's blog post!

3. Connect with the community

Connecting with the community is as important as your sales. Staying connected creates a good relationship not only with your loyal customers but with potential buyers as well. It also makes you more visible, which can attract more Poshers to your old and new items giving your listings a big chance to be shared. Aside from sharing your listings, sharing other people’s listings can earn you a favor, and it is likely that they will share yours, too.

  • Poshmark offers reselling and social media together - One great feature of Poshmark that sets it aside from other platforms is the combination of being able to sell while socializing with other users. Other selling platforms like eBay only offer purely business connections where the seller-buyer interactions are only limited. At Poshmark, the process is a bit unique because it includes a sense of socializing. Just like Facebook or Instagram, Poshmark allows you to like and share other people’s posts. This is one of the many good things this platform has because it encourages seller-to-seller and seller-to-buyer connections which establish a great relationship not only by helping everyone make a sale but also increases each other’s items exposure.
  • Engage with customers - Connecting doesn’t only mean sharing and liking; it also means that you can interact with anyone. Similar to sending a Poshmark bundle, you have the power to reach out to other Poshers, which gives you the advantage to speak to them, offer good pricing, set the atmosphere of the transaction, and convince them that you are offering a good deal. Aside from speaking about the offered prices, you can also answer questions about your product or shipping discounts. Engaging in a conversation with your potential buyers helps you establish an impression about your attitude as a seller, and it also helps your customer to finalize their purchase decision. Remember that it is highly likely that customers with personal interaction with sellers will buy a product rather than blindly checking out without speaking to anybody.
  • Helps with repeat buyers - Connecting with your buyers, especially the loyal ones, will create a personal impact. Not only that the buyers feel that you provide great customer service, but it also gives you an opportunity to persuade them to come back to your closet and buy your items again in the future.

4. Review your Data

Aside from utilizing features such as Offers To Likers, sending posh bundles, giving shipping discounts, and dropping your prices on payday (Thursday and Friday), part of a successful seller’s strategy is reviewing your data. By doing so, you can compare which of your listings are your best items.

  • Find what sells the best and focus on it - Even with so many listings in your closet, you can further increase your sales by finding out which of your items sells the best. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how you can improve your strategies, how you should share your listings, and manage your inventory. Reviewing your data and focusing on best-selling products will surely pay off because it gives you the advantage of knowing the trend, and listing and sharing more of these products will gain you more sales in return.
  • Find out what trends are popular - Similar to knowing what the top brands are, trends are a great baseline before listing any products. You can check the trends on the Poshmark Trend Report to see which of your items are relevant to the trending brand, trending categories, and trending search terms. These trends are based on the search results of people when shopping online.

5. Share Often!

On Poshmark, sharing more means selling more. The essence of sharing is gaining more attention to your product and increasing its exposure. This way, you will be able to reach more shoppers and potentially gain more likes and followers.

  • Sharing your own - Sharing your own listing is a key advantage. Because you can share your items often, you have the power to increase the visibility of your products to thousands of Poshers looking around the website. Not only that, it gives you the opportunity of gaining more likes and followers. Since there are thousands of people using the platform, continuously sharing your listings is beneficial. You should also take note that there are also many Poshers active during a posh party and in the evening, so it is advisable that you share your items at these times. Many top sellers on Poshmark spend time sharing their listings as part of their selling strategy to showcase their closet and expose it to potential buyers.
  • Sharing others and Share Groups - When you share your items, it is impossible for other Poshers not to like and share your listings. This is one way of exposing your products to other seller’s followers. Meaning, it will give you a higher chance of making a sale because you get to have a bigger audience. Sharing other seller’s listings is like hitting two birds with one stone as most of the time, sharing and helping them with their listings earns you another share in return. Sharing in share groups does the same, too. To have more exposure, sharing your listings in share groups can attract more crowds to your closet and, in turn, increase your sales as it can also reach a bigger audience.
  • Sharing in Poshmark Party - Poshmark party is known to have many active Poshers at a specific time. Because each party has a certain theme, it gives you a chance to share your listings that are qualified to its guidelines. By sharing your items, you can earn likes and followers. At the same time, you’ll have an opportunity to get a host pick. Host picks feature items for a few hours, which means you can gain some sales by being under the spotlight for a period of time.
  • Virtual Assistants - Using Poshmark tools like SuperPosher is undeniably a great way of boosting not only your shares but also your followers, and ultimately, your sales. SuperPosher helps you share your closet, avoid share jail, and works even if your browser, your laptop, and your phone is turned off. SuperPosher is here to help manage your Poshmark closet even when you’re not around to guard it 24/7. We offer a no-risk, free trial for Poshers who would want to experience what it’s like to run your Poshmark account without having to spend the whole day in front of your phone or computer. SuperPosher aims to make your business grow without the hassle while providing an excellent service with a responsive team ready to help!

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

No credit card required