While the ability to bundle items has been on Poshmark for a long time, recently Poshmark has drastically changed how sellers can bundle items. In doing so, it has become one of the best strategies for increasing sales.

Using bundles, sellers can now offer discounts and interact with customers, encouraging them to buy more. But for many sellers, the feature is confusing to use. Our team at SuperPosher has seen so many sellers interested in trying bundles, but don't know how, or end up under-utilizing its potential.

To help you better use bundles for your store, we wanted to introduce SuperPosher, designed to create bundles for you, and use this article to explain:

Let's get started with understanding how bundles can supercharge your sales.

What is a Poshmark bundle?

A Poshmark bundle is a group of items sold and shipped together at a discounted rate. Buyers love bundles because it offers them better prices, while sellers love bundles because it saves on shipping costs and moves their inventory faster.

As mentioned before, Poshmark has offered bundles for quite some time, but has changed the feature a lot over the years.

Initially, bundles were completely buyer-centric — someone browsing your store would be able to group a bunch of items that were for sale, and try to buy them at a discount. To encourage this behavior, sellers could select a default discount percentage for bundles, and their store's page would be clearly labeled with the bundle discount amount. Sellers could also share other items with users to add into existing bundles.

While these features still exist, bundles have now expanded to include chat features and sharing customized bundles directly with buyers. Poshmark often refers to these newer bundle features as Posh Bundles.

How do bundles work on Poshmark?

We often see Poshmark sellers who are excited to use bundles, but have a hard time figuring out how to use the feature. Even after turning to Poshmark's support blog, it can still be unclear exactly what steps you need to take to reach the bundles feature, or which way of using it is best.

To help with this challenge, we have broken down step-by-step the different ways to make a bundle, both on the Poshmark app as well as on the poshmark.com website.

There are two main ways to interact with bundles. You can:

  1. Set default bundle discounts on your store
  2. Message buyers with a Posh Bundle (the new method)

For all bundle methods, you are required to give a percentage discount on the goods sold, but you are not required to give a shipping discount.

Setting default Poshmark bundle discounts

Here's an example of a default bundle offer from one of our favs, @colorresale

As you look through other people's closets on Poshmark, you may have noticed that some of them have a small banner at the top that offers a generic discount to buyers browsing the page. In the above example, @colorresale is offering her buyers 10% off when they bundle 3 or more items from her closet.

In order to set this type of default discount, you'll need to take different steps depending on if you are on a desktop or laptop computer, versus on a mobile phone (the Poshmark iPhone or Android app).

Getting to Seller Discounts on Desktop (the Poshmark website)

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right of the screen
  2. Select "Account Settings" from the dropdown.
  3. In the left column, click on "My Seller Discounts"

Getting to Seller Discounts on Mobile Apps (iPhone or Android)

  1. Tap your account icon in the bottom navigation bar (@username)
  2. Scroll down a bit in the long option list
  3. Tap on "My Seller Tools" towards the end of the list
  4. Select the top option, "My Seller Discounts"

Setting up default Seller Discounts on Poshmark

Once you've reached "My Seller Discounts" from "Account Settings," you'll first want to toggle this setting on. Once the feature is on, you'll have access to more settings on this page, which will allow you to set the default discount percentage (anywhere from 5% to 30%) and the minimum number of items to qualify for the bundle discount (anywhere from a 2-7 item minimum).

After turning "bundle discounts" on, you will see the default bundle offer on your closet.

This is a great way to start using bundles, and we've heard a lot of Poshmark sellers who have noticed that this alone has led to an increase in sales. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg for how to best use Posh Bundles.

How to create a bundle on Poshmark

So we just finished describing how to create default discounts for when users want to buy multiple items from your closet. But how can you make bundles for a potential buyer?

In order to make a bundle for someone on Poshmark:

  1. Head over to your potential customer's closet
  2. Click on the mini profile picture with a shopping bag icon on top of it
  3. From the menu options on the next screen, select "Switch to Sell View"
  4. You can customize the bundle you want to offer this user based on items they have liked or items that you have shared with them
  5. We also recommend using the "Comment" button to add a personal message

Let's break it down by each step for both the app and the website.

How to make a Poshmark bundle step by step

Once you've navigated to a user's closet that you would like to make a bundle for, look at the options at the top of the screen. To the left of the "..." menu, there's a mini version of their profile picture with a bag icon on top of it. This is the "bundles" button — go ahead and press it.

Here's the closet of another Posher we love (@beckypark)

On this next screen, you will see the title "My Bundle." This isn't what we are looking for though; this screen has bundles that the user has created for you. However, we want to make bundles for them, not purchase their bundle.

Looks like @beckypark hasn't made us a bundle yet. Oh darn.

From the "My Bundle" screen, tap menu icon in the top right corner. A menu will pop up and you should select "Switch to Sell View."

While the menus on the app and web look a bit different, they have the same options.

In "Sell View," you should see "@username's bundle" on the screen. On this page, you'll see a couple of things.

  • Items currently in their bundle
  • A "Comment" section
  • "Likes from my closet"
  • The "Offer" section

Items that are currently in the bundle are ones that the user themselves have added, or items you have shared directly to them (through the normal share function, or via the "add to bundle" button on your closet's listings).

If this section is empty, no worries — all you have to do is share items! You can navigate to your closet and either use the share feature (two circling arrows) or the add-to-bundle feature (a bag with a "+" sign). For either option, select the user that you want to share the item with. When you go back to the bundle screen from the last step, you'll see that this bundle is no longer empty.

While trying to look at this potential buyer's taste and picking specific items for them is one method, it would be better to navigate to bundle screens for users who have liked items from your closet. As we mentioned above, the bundle screen has a section for "Likes from my closet," where you can quickly and easily move items that this user has liked directly into the bundle.

When you are ready with all of the item that you'd like to offer to the user, you can also customize the price. We've often seen sellers increase the discount on the offer if they throw an item into the bundle that they've really been trying to sell, and it often works really well. Note that if you have general bundle discounts applied (like we explained in the last section) that any discount you offer in this step will be on top of what is offered by the default seller discount.

And lastly, the most powerful feature — when building a Posh Bundle, you can comment on the bundle, effectively sending that user a personalized message to help close the sale.

Message Posh Bundles to potential buyers on Poshmark

With the newer, social Posh Bundles, sellers have a direct way to start a conversation with individual potential buyers. Instead of letting the buyers come to you in order to build a bundle, the new Posh Bundles unlocks the ability for you to go to a potential buyer.

When you comment on a bundle, this sends a notification to the user you offer the bundle to. And since you can strike up a conversation, the possibilities are endless. You can ask them what kinds of items they like, encourage them to browse through more of your closet, let them know about a sale you are doing... anything!

The obvious use of this feature is to help close a sale with someone who has expressed interest in an item from your closet. However, the ability to message any user also lets you search for your own customers.

Let's give an example — say that you have several items from a specific brand you'd like to sell. You can head over to poshmark.com/brands and check out a full list of brands being sold on Poshmark. Once you find your brand and click on the name, you'll see a feed of items from that brand. From there you can view any of these items to see the list of who likes it.

This list is a powerful thing. Everyone who likes this items probably likes similar items from this brand too. You can send any one of them a direct message via the Posh Bundles feature, including the item you want to sell (yes, that's right, bundles can be just one, single item!), and write a personalized note about how you saw they liked a bunch of items from this brand, and you have the perfect find for them.

The ability to create a conversation with any user on Poshmark through a bundle is hands down the best way to sell on Poshmark in 2020. If you aren't utilizing this tactic, then you are missing out on a lot of customers.

How to view bundles you've made on Poshmark

Once you've made a bundle on Poshmark (either as a buyer or as a seller), you can find your bundles (and the attached conversation) again by:

  1. Clicking on your profile icon
  2. Selecting "My Bundles" from the list
  3. Select the section "Shop" or "Sell" option depending on if you want to find a bundle you wanted to purchase or one you wanted to sell

How do bundle discounts compare to other Poshmark offers?

Some long-time Poshmark sellers might say, "It sounds like bundles are just another way to give discounts!" And while that's partially true, if you are only utilizing older methods of providing discounts to Poshmark buyers, you are missing out. Let's dive in a bit deeper.

Poshmark Bundles versus Offer to Likers

While Offer to Likers has been a long-time favorite for Poshmark sellers, there are some areas where bundles take the edge.

According to Poshmark's FAQ on Offer to Likers:

Once you make an Offer to Likers, we’ll send your offer to everyone who has ever liked the listing

While Offer to Likers was intentionally designed this way in an attempt to make life easier for sellers, it ultimately isn't better for sellers. Sending a blanket offer that is exactly the same for everyone doesn't have that much better of a chance to succeed.

Bundles, on the other hand, offer the ability to send unique comments to each potential buyer. Even if you use the same comment for every single bundle you send, it will still be a message that is unique to you, as opposed to the same generic notification everyone gets for Offer to Likers.

Bundles, just like Offer to Likers, can also be sent to anyone who has liked your item; however, bundles can also be sent to anyone at all. As we mentioned before, sharing a listing with someone will automatically start a bundle, making bundles much more flexible and versatile than Offer to Likers.

Many sellers also find that they can make a bigger profit on Posh Bundles over Offer to Likers. With Offer to Likers, you are required to discount shipping; with bundles, not only is that not a requirement, but the flat rate shipping cost will be spread out across all of the items in the bundle.

When you navigate to your notifications in the "News" tab, you'll notice that comments are its own section. Poshmark notifies users separately and more prominently for comments on a bundle, so beyond the custom messaging, even the simplest comment will be more easily noticed by the prospective buyer.

Poshmark Bundles versus Closet Clear Out

Closet Clear Out is a special event that Poshmark will periodically enable, usually during holidays. During a Closet Clear Out, when you offer a discount on your items to users, Poshmark will also pay for the item's shipping discount themselves. With bundles, you don't have to offer a shipping discount, but if you choose to, it will come out of your profit margin.

While it is nice that you can save some money on selling while still offering buyers shipping discounts, Closet Clear Out is not available every day. Poshmark's bundles, and even Offer to Likers, are features that are available every day, all the time for you to use, and can be used as much as you'd like* every day.

*If you go too crazy, Poshmark might put you in share jail to reduce spam.

How to make Poshmark bundles faster

Even after reading this guide, making bundles on Poshmark might seem, at worst, still confusing, while at best, tedious. We've seen some of our favorite sellers spend most of their day sending Poshmark bundles, or investing a lot of money on virtual assistants who are equally confused about how to make bundles.

That’s one of the reasons that we made SuperPosher — we think Poshmark sellers should be able to reach success without spending a lot of time and money figuring out how to make bundles over and over.

SuperPosher is designed to create bundles for you. Once you get set up, you can close your laptop, put down your phone, or even turn off your computer completely and not worry — free up your mind to focus on other things, while our team handles the tedious work for you.

If you’d like to have Poshmark bundles made for you, give SuperPosher a try — we have a no-risk, one week free trial, plus a responsive team, ready to help if you have any questions!

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