Imagine walking in a store with so many lovely products but finding them scattered in all places, not correctly sorted, and will make you do all the work searching for the item you wanted to buy. Imagine yourself as a potential buyer who's just looking around these lovely boutiques to purchase anything that may entice you and finding a disorganized store. Will you go in and spend time patiently looking through the items? Definitely, no! Disorganization always makes a wrong impression, and you don't want that in your Poshmark store. As a posh seller, it is your responsibility to create a positive impact at first glance. Shoppers want to know what items you carry, and it is essential that you can showcase them. Remember that the competition is tough, and the initial impression of buyers matters. A nicely organized closet is a sign that the Poshmark seller is taking time to take care of her listings, and it also makes your items look exceptional. Here are some of the best tips and hacks you can do to help you organize your closet the easiest way possible.

Strategies for organization

While you have total control of how you would want to arrange your inventory, whether by the most expensive items to the ones with the lowest listing price or by category, there are factors that you should consider when organizing your Poshmark closet to have an advantage on the platform. Here are some strategies that you may use to make your listings appear well-curated and stylish.

  • Color - A splash of different colors is undeniably unique. But this is not the case when you're looking at a closet. Color-coded listings are aesthetically pleasing and make it easier for the buyers to see what goes well together. We all know that fashion has its own rules in mixing and matching, so color profiles in different categories are significant. For example, if you are to sell clothing and accessories, it becomes effortless for the customers to see which shirt and pants match each other and which specific add-ons can complete the look to have their personal touch.
  • Brand - Each person has their preference, and sometimes some Poshers are brand conscious. For people looking to buy a particular item from a specific brand, sorted items by a brand help. It will make it easy for other Poshers to see what they are looking for when using a filter. This strategy is most effective with branded products, especially with luxury items, because buyers who usually have a brand in mind will search directly for the brand name. Plus, there's a greater chance that these Poshers will hit the share button.
  • Type - Ideally, what you would want to put on top of your closet is a good balance of different kinds of items you carry, especially if you have a large closet. This will give the customers a good grasp of what your wardrobe is all about. It is better if you can cater to as many markets as possible such as for men, women, or kids, for you to catch the attention of more potential buyers when they visit the Poshmark marketplace.
  • Price - Deciding which to put on top of your listings can be tricky when it comes to price. But one strategy is to put the items with a higher price on top for an excellent reason. When people browse through your closet, they will initially see the high-priced items, giving you a chance to make them buy them and give you more considerable earnings.
  • Season - Putting your items in season on top is a great way to organize your closet and catch people looking to buy seasonal items. Like in a clothing store, new items that are in-season are the ones you will initially see. These are the items on a mannequin and a table in the middle front of the store. Putting the in-season first will, of course, generate more views and likes and will give you a higher chance of making a sale. Plus, it is essential to keep in mind that it is improbable that buyers will make purchases that they won't be using for the current season, especially when the next season is still far away.

Why Organize Your Poshmark Closet

Seeing an organized closet creates an impact on the buyers. It may make an impression that you, as a seller, are organized and dedicated to managing your listings. At the same time, you will be able to work out which of your closet items you think should be on top to show the potential customers what your closet is all about. It may seem like it doesn't matter much, but a neat and pleasing-looking arrangement of items may make your closet appear well assembled and your closet a premium store. However, all things come with their set of ups and downs, so here are some benefits and drawbacks of organizing your closet.

Pros of organizing your Poshmark closet:

  • Get your best-selling items to the top - Aside from having your new items, you also have the chance to put your best-selling items on top of your listings. This is one of the perks when you're organizing. The best-selling items will likely attract more customers and new potential buyers, so this is a great advantage instead of letting your items be disorganized. Your detailed description of the product won't matter much if your items are not visible and your best items aren't on top of your closet, so organizing and giving them a chance to have more exposure is very helpful.
  • Stylizing and Aesthetic - Organizing your closet is pleasing to the eyes. You can put a sense of style on how you arrange the items and make them aesthetically appealing. Many people appreciate the transition of colors, and it makes it easy to look for a piece of clothing that they are particular in color.
  • Showcase your closet - By organizing your closet, you have total control of what the shoppers can see first. With this, you can express what your store is all about. It is totally up to you how you will make a good impression on the shoppers and how you plan to attract them with the strategies that can generate an increase in sales. Aside from the listing title, product description, and attractive item photos, your closet arrangement also matters, and you can manipulate it to your liking.

Cons of organizing your Poshmark closet:

  • Time-consuming to do - While organizing your whole closet can make it look good and optimize your products' visibility that fits the season or trend, it can be very time-consuming. Many sellers, especially those who are not doing it as their full-time job, may not have time to go through what they are selling one by one to sort their products better, and it leaves their items scattered without proper organization along with other similar listings.
  • Hard to keep track of order - If you are a seller that has only a few items in your closet, keeping track of the order of your listings won't be a problem. But this is not the case when you have hundreds of items in Poshmark, and you need to organize them. It is for sure going to be tremendous work keeping track of which ones need sharing, which items are already shared, and which items are your priority to appear on top of your closet to have more exposure and, in turn, make a sale.
  • It does not guarantee a sale - organizing your closet in whatever order you like to make it look appealing and more manageable for buyers to browse through the closet does not guarantee an increase in sales. Some Poshers use the filter for an easier and faster way of looking for items that they like, and some also sort the items by low to high, so in a sense, organizing may not help you make a sale.

How to Organize Your Poshmark Closet

There are things that you can use to organize your listings. Doing these two things will maximize your time and help you sort your items the way you want them to be ordered.

  • Bottom to Up method - Using this method, you will decide which goes on the top of your list and remains at the bottom. Remember that the things you list, re-list, or share always go to the top, and the ones you first listed will stay at the bottom. Different factors may affect how you decide how you list your items, but this is an excellent method to keep in mind whenever you are organizing. This way, you'll know which of your products will get the attention of the shoppers first.
  • Use tools like SuperPosher - We understand that not everyone has the time to do everything in their Poshmark closet. SuperPosher helps you quickly organize and automate your sharing, with listings you want to appear together being automatically shared together. Easily create your groupings of any listings you wish to with SuperPosher's categories feature to boost your closet organization. With a 5-day free trial with no credit card required, SuperPosher will work for you even when you're busy catering to your other business or doing your daytime job.