Selling on Poshmark is a unique experience. Not only does it give you profit, but it also opens the doors of socialization. The main intention is to grow your following pretty much like how the social media sites do but with the advantage of increasing your sale. To be able to increase the exposure of your own closet and grow your Poshmark business, increasing the number of your new followers will definitely help not only with your connections but ultimately boost your sales.

Unlike other selling platforms such as eBay, Poshmark allows all its users to have social interactions with other Poshers. Similar to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, you can like and share other Poshers' listings and also follow the user that has the closets that you like to stay updated.

Growing your followers isn't simple. There are many blogs on the internet teaching you how to do it, but they may not provide all the information that you need. It may look easy by doing self-shares, but in reality, you will have to work with other people on the platform, new Poshers or old Poshers alike, to achieve your goal of having a lot of followers.

We at SuperPosher created this step-by-step guide to make your Poshmark experience better. Remember, more Poshmark followers mean more chances of product exposure, and in return, it may potentially help you increase your sales.

1. Returning Shares

By selling on Poshmark, you'll learn that it has a friendly community of sellers who supports each other. The competition on the market is tough, but Poshmark sellers are helping each other not only to make sales but also to build connections by sharing other people's listings. Just like doing someone a favor, it often comes back to you. When you share items from other people's closets, they most probably will share your own items, too. This gives you both the advantage of reaching a bigger audience and potentially gaining more likes and followers, which then gives you an opportunity to increase your sales.

To return a share, you can simply go to that user's Poshmark closet and share some of her listings. This can be laborious if there are many Poshers who shared your listings and you want to return the favor. So, if you want to avoid doing it manually and spending a lot of time going through each closet, you can use a Poshmark bot like SuperPosher.

SuperPosher will work for you by returning each share of your items without you lifting a finger. With this bot, you can skip the manual labor of checking each and every Poshmark users' closet just to return the favor of sharing!

2. Become a Poshmark Ambassador

Becoming an ambassador means becoming a role model to the Poshmark community. This will entitle you to some privileges and advantages compared to new users. This includes being able to co-host a Posh Party. Party hosts have the power to give out host picks, curate a collection of items according to the party's theme, and share listings from their closets and also different assortments of items from other seller's accounts.

You can also be featured on the Find People page, wherein you will get recommended to new Poshers based on their product preferences. New users are likely to check out your closet and follow you since you are basically presented to them without even searching for your closet! Not everyone gets to be featured unless you're a Posh Ambassador, so it gives you higher chances of gaining followers.

Another privilege that ambassadors get is exclusive access to The Posh Insider, which is Poshmark's monthly newsletter that gives out tips and tricks on how to improve your sales, first look at the platform's new features and how you can grow your business further.

Poshmark Ambassadors also have access to other perks such as early access to tickets for the annual conference called PoshFest, becoming a mentor, and being able to share your Poshmark journey by becoming a Posh Party LIVE panelist, or host and/or speaker to events like Posh N Coffee and PoshFest.

To become a Poshmark Ambassador, previously known as the Suggested User, you must qualify to the community guidelines and have a good standing on the app's Terms of Service. You will also have to accomplish some milestones such as:

  • You have at least 50 available listings in your closet.
  • You have made at least 15 sales.
  • You have acquired an average purchase rating of not lower than 4.5 stars.
  • You have shared your own items at least 5000 times.
  • You have shared at least 5000 items from other sellers' closets. You have shared at least 5000 items from other sellers' closets which are referred to as community shares.
  • You have shared items from at least 50 new Poshers.
  • Your closet's average ship time is less than three days.
  • You have left at least one love note in another seller's closet.

If you are unsure whether you have achieved these milestones or not, you can head to Account Tab > My Posh Status to see if you need to accomplish more to be able to become one of the Poshmark ambassadors.

When you have reached these qualifications, it is essential that you maintain an active closet, ensure to participate in the Poshmark community, and provide great customer service.

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3. Posh Party Sharing

Poshmark parties are probably one of the most unique events that other selling platforms don't have. It is the most awaited event in Poshmark every single day. They are real-time virtual shopping events that happen four times a day with a specific theme and criteria each time. Many Poshers, sellers, and potential buyers alike gather in these events to see many listings according to the theme, which usually is related to the trend.

Sharing your available items that qualify for the Posh Party theme while the party is happening is a great way of attracting a bigger audience. Because many Poshers are active in those times, it increases the visibility of your items which gives you a higher chance of being followed by other Poshers who like what you are selling. They may also visit your closet and share your other listings because they want to do you a favor, so you can also do the same. One proven trick to gain more followers is to share more as many items as you can.

During a Poshmark Party, sellers often share other seller's listings. As the saying goes, sharing is caring. And since not all sellers have the same followers, it also increases the exposure of your items to other potential buyers that are not yet following you. And we all know that everyone's goals include gaining more followers and likes, so sharing in Poshmark Party encourages more Poshers to hit the follow button.

To join a Posh Party, you can click on Parties on the top navigation bar on the website or follow these steps if you are using the app:

1. Go to the Shop Tab.

2. Scroll down to Parties.

3. Tap All Parties.

4. Returning Follows

Building connections on Poshmark is all about having as many followers as you can. Aside from returning shares, returning follows can also add up to your followers. In most cases, many sellers have their notifications turned on. So, each time you share their listing, it lets them know that you are doing them a favor. Chances are, you will gain their attention and earn yourself another share. This works the same way with following other Poshers. When you give them a follow, they will most probably do the same.

You have probably heard of some organization names such as men helping men, women helping women, or people helping people. On Poshmark, it may not be an organization, but you'll see sellers helping sellers. This community does not need long-standing relationships before they help each other. One way or another, whether you're a new seller, or you have just had new closets, or you're already an experienced seller, you will receive help from the community. You may think that one follower is not much, but it creates a ripple effect. Keep on liking and sharing people's listings, and you will see that in no time, your followers will grow, too!

While it is tiring and time-consuming to do all this stuff manually to grow your followers, SuperPosher can help you manage all of this without your supervision. You can be busy all day attending to other important things and not be present in front of your computer or phone, but still, your Poshmark account is sharing your own items, sharing other people's listings, and following those who follow you. If you want to experience these amazing results without putting in so much effort, SuperPosher offers a no-risk, seven-day free trial with a responsive support team ready to help you.

Share up to 28,000 times a week, without doing anything

Join hundreds of sellers who trust SuperPosher to grow their business. Every day SuperPosher can do up to 4,000 shares, follow hundreds of users, return shares & follows, and even send offers to likers. You just have to turn it on from your phone.

No credit card required