You’ve set up the perfect lighting and snapped photos. Painstakingly crafted a paragraph that describes your item perfectly. Took 3 hours to decide what the price should be before you finally published your listing.

We know this story all too well. Three days have gone by... and no one made an offer yet. Why?

Turns out, just creating a listing isn’t enough. To start making sales on Poshmark, you must share.

The key to success on Poshmark is share, share, share!
PoshLife, Poshmark’s official blog
“Share, share, share.”
– Poshmark seller @keepinitrad, explaining how she made $4000 in 1 month

We'll start from the beginning, but if you're busy and wanted to skip to a particular section...

  • A brief overview of sharing on Poshmark
  • How all of the top sellers on Poshmark share their closet listings
  • What I tried and learned after going through all of this

Now let's get started.

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A brief overview of sharing on Poshmark

There are two types of sharing on Poshmark.

  1. Self shares are when you share your own listings. You can do this easily in the Poshmark website and app. To share a listing from your closet to your followers, go to the listing page, then tap on the share icon.

    You can also share your listings to parties. When a Poshmark party starts, go to the listing you want to share and press the share button. Current parties will show up on the next screen. Tap the share button next to the party that you want to share to.
  2. Community shares are when you share other sellers’ listings. These can only be shared to your followers. To share a listing from another seller, go to the listing page then tap on the share icon.

Here's why sharing is so important:

  1. Your listing appears on your followers’ feeds, and Poshmark marks the listing as having been updated recently. When your listing shows up in your followers’ feeds with recently updated listings, your followers will know that your closet is active and that you’re more likely to respond to offers.

    Also, remember community sharing? Your followers might share your listing with their followers, increasing the number of buyers that see what you’re offering.
  2. Self sharing moves your listing to the top of the search results feed. No matter how new your account is, how small your closet is, or how many followers you have, your newly shared listing shows up as the first result on one of the most-visited pages on Poshmark. This exposes your listing to a massive audience.

    On other platforms like eBay, sellers have to cut deep into profit margins to promote their listings. On Poshmark, this type of promotion is completely free!
This listing was shared 7 seconds ago, as shown in the updated text

Does all of that sound too good to be true? There’s a catch. Because sharing is free, everyone’s doing it.

Eventually, everyone figures out that to stay on top of the competition, you have to share as many listings as you can, as often as you can. Every minute that you’re not sharing, your listings are dropping from the top spot in search results and follower feeds.

It gets a lot more daunting when you realize sharing can be extremely time-consuming once you have a larger number of listings.

Let’s say you have 200 listings in your closet and you want to share every listing three times a day. Sharing a Poshmark listing takes two taps: one tap on the share icon, and one tap on the share destination (followers or party). That’s 1200 clicks per day, or 8400 clicks per week.

200 listings x 3 closet shares per day x 2 clicks per share = 1200 clicks per day

Sound exhausting yet?

Sell more on Poshmark, in half the time.

Reading to level up your business? Automatically share up to 4,000 times a day and send offers with the #1 Poshmark bot and sales tool.

No risk, cancel anytime.

How all of the top sellers on Poshmark share their closet listings

Now that you understand the work necessary to share consistently every day, you're probably wondering if there's a better way to share. Luckily, the Poshmark community has a few tricks. We've compiled a few that we've seen top sellers use.

Pick the right device to share on. Poshmark sellers can share listings using their laptop, phone, or tablet. Find the device that works best for you. Whichever device you pick, it should:

  • Load Poshmark pages quickly so you spend less time waiting.
  • Have a screen large enough for you to see and click the share button easily.

Share using the website, not the mobile app. When sharing, it’s easy to accidentally tap on a listing and open the listing page. It's a small mistake, but it adds up if you're looking to share hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day.

You can save time here while recovering from the mistake, by taking advantage of the differences between the Poshmark mobile app and the Poshmark website. For example, here's what's different about tapping the back button:

  • The Poshmark website takes you back to the exact same spot in your closet.
  • The Poshmark mobile app takes you to the top of your closet. This is a huge interruption forcing you to scroll all the way back to where you were.

And here's a tip: you can still access the website on a phone or tablet by opening Safari / Google Chrome and entering in the URL bar.

Try using a stylus. This is one of our favorite tips to share with friends. Many Poshmark sellers say using a stylus with their tablet or phone allows them to tap more accurately.

Use automated tools. Poshmark Bots like SuperPosher, Closet Pilot, and Closet Tools share listings, like items, and follow users on your behalf. This saves you a tremendous amount of time. Instead of clicking the same buttons over and over, you have more time for sourcing inventory, packaging items, and doing other business-critical work.

Sounds perfect, right? Be careful. There are many configuration options for when and how often to do things. Picking the right settings is crucial, because your Poshmark account still has to look like it’s being controlled by a human instead of a bot. Get too greedy by configuring your tool to share too often, and you'll easily get caught by Poshmark. As a rule of thumb, if you think how your content is being shared is obviously not human-like, Poshmark probably can tell as well.

Here are some examples of easy-to-spot bad behavior:

  • Sharing a single listing 5,000 times in one hour
  • Consistently making hundreds of offers at 3AM
  • Following other accounts the moment they’ve signed up

If you want to keep selling, you need to avoid getting caught. When Poshmark thinks an account is controlled by automation, it sends the account to Posh Jail. Posh Jail prevents you from sharing listings and stops you from following people. At worst, your account could be banned permanently and you won't be able to sell anything on Poshmark anymore.

What I tried and learned after going through all of this

Fortunately, there’s a better way to get all of the time savings and efficiencies from a bot or automation tool without any of the bad consequences.

When I first started on Poshmark, I had no trouble growing my business. That stopped being true as soon as I had a little over 50 listings; just sharing was so much work that at one point I was severely burned out and wanted to quit selling.

This low point was when I started to do some research into many of the methods I shared above. I'm happy to share a little of what I found with all of you.

Here's my final verdict: I liked the Poshmark bots and automation method the most, but I wasn't really satisfied with the options out there. Here's why:

  • They looked just sketchy enough to start having second thoughts
  • They were hands-off enough to breathe a sigh of relief, but still hands-on enough to be worried about whether it'd share if our Chrome tab was closed or if our Macbook / iPhone X ran out of battery
  • I didn't like how any of them weren't intuitive – this was very unlike any of the other services you'd use everyday that you love, like Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix (and we'd pay about 2-3x more for the Poshmark bots...)

Ultimately, I didn't know if I could trust them to make sure our closet would be safe. Which was insane – I was paying them!

So I decided to build my own solution and share it with some friends. SuperPosher is the result of spending months polishing every detail. You can learn more about it at I hope you fall in love with it – it'll make you feel as if you have superpowers!